Top 5 Factors In A Quality Solar Installation

We spoke to Head Electrician and COO of Greenleaf Carbon™, Brock Patton, to determine what makes an excellent solar installation.

Brock is a Qualified Master Electrician and Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer who has been a part of the solar industry for over four years. He has seen and installed thousands of solar systems and has his method down to a fine art.

As a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer, Brock has a high level of commitment to industry best practices and standards to produce reliable, safe systems that meet client expectations..

  1. Pre-site

A site check before installing can be critical to ensure a good install. Therefore, it is vital to check essential elements before a solar installation. Any solar company that is not physically visiting the site before the install date could be wasting your valuable time. 

Roofs have to be to a certain standard that is safe for the installers to work on strong enough to hold the weight of a solar system, ensuring the safety of everyone inside the home. 

Now is a good time to do the roof restoration, if required, before installing the solar system, and we can build this into the payment plan for you. 

Solar Installers Gold Coast, Upper Coomera
Brock and the team found a rotten beam that had to be strengthened on this installation. Poor installation of the old solar hot water enabled water to get into the roof and cause damage to the ceiling. Our inspection enabled the client to know what was causing the issue and get it fixed.
  1. Compliant Switchboard

The second thing any good home solar installer will do is check your switchboard. A professional electrician must upgrade older, non-compliant switchboards at installation.

Meter box upgrades cost money and need to be factored in when purchasing your solar system. Unfortunately, the cheap and nasty companies in the industry will ignore this because there is a clause saying they can charge you extra on the day.

At Greenleaf Carbon™ is there is anything extra on the day that is on us and not on you because we should have spotted it (ancient cotton wrap wiring and trenching being the only exceptions)

We have heard from clients that went elsewhere first where the installer wanted to charge an extra $3500 on the day for electrical works on a brand new townhouse. No such work was needed.

  1. Attention To Detail

One of the first things our solar installers notice is, of course, how the install looks. Attention to detail is critical to achieving a quality solar installation.

This attention to detail extends to even the electrical work you can not see within the switchboard. Brock is a firm believer in a tidy and workable switchboard; this even includes adjusting previous work if need be to raise the standard to meet his own. A tidy switchboard will have no loose connections, clean running cables and even the use of zip ties to prevent things from getting messy.

As a long-standing member of the solar industry, Brock has also learned the importance of leaving each switchboard perfect, giving him peace of mind, knowing that it is safe and neat to work on if anyone else ever works on the board. A highly respected trait within the electrical community.

  1. Inverter Location

Inverter location is a massive part of a quality installation. Our workers take extra care in choosing a location for the inverter so it looks neat, and they have the ability for all cables that run back to the inverter to look as clean and seamless as possible.

Inverter location is vital to Brock, ensuring it is suitable for the client and their needs. Even if the chosen location is a bit of extra work, a quality installer will not compromise on suitability and convenience for their clients.

All in all, what makes a good solar installer is someone who is in it for the long hall and involved through the proposal stage to the installation itself.

Professional Inverter Installation in Pimpama
  1. Ongoing Support

Greenleaf Carbon™ offers 25 years of ongoing support, so doing the job right the first time for Brock and our staff is even more critical.
A contractor who takes no responsibility post-installation and blames the company doesn’t care when you have an issue.

We do care, and we will be back to get it fixed for you under warranty.

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