The Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution Is Here

The electric vehicle revolution is now happening as fast as the transition to Apple’s iPhone. Back then, top analysts predicted around four million iPhones sold Apple had moved more than 21 million in the same period.

Tesla now has Gigafactories worldwide in Texas, China, and Berlin, producing more electric vehicles than anyone had thought possible.In addition, Elon Musk’s genius of open-sourcing Tesla’s smarts has enabled other players to enter the EV market much faster, speeding up the transition to electric vehicles that work.

It was game over for the combustion engine the moment the Model X, Tesla’s 6 or 7 seat family wagon, was able to beat Lamborghini’s million dollars plus Aventador from 0 – 100 kilometers per hour.Sure the Lamborghini still holds the record around the Nurburgring, but you can’t beat the torque and power from Tesla’s electric motors for a straight sprint.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution Is Here

We now have a Tesla Model 3 on order for Greenleaf Carbon™. I’m not going to miss the smell of fumes when fueling up nor the sluggish performance of Hyundai’s 2.2 Litre diesel engine.

Cheaper to run by milesThe crazy thing is the Tesla Model 3 Long Range is cheaper than Hyundai’s Sante Fe all be it a smaller car, but the fuel cost difference is staggering.

Fueling up the Santa Fe or the Astra with diesel or petrol from almost empty was costing around $86. The V6 Commodore is over $139.

Speaking to a Tesla owner at Tesla Supercharging station, he had charged his vehicle from 7%, the equivalent of empty in a petrol vehicle, to 100% for just $21. He was able to do that while he was at the gym.

Electric vehicle technology is ready for most of us.It used to be that electric vehicles were slow, strange-looking with minimal capacity, that was until Elon Musk stepped on the scene.

For most of us who drive to work and back or even those out seeing clients and fueling up every other day, the electric vehicle equation works, even if you’re hitting around 450 kilometers a day.

The design esthetic, range, and now cheaper cost of ownership means electric vehicles are taking off because they work exceptionally well.Not every electric vehicle is proven yet.While Tesla leads the way blazing a path for others to follow, not every electric vehicle is proven yet.The Cybertruck, Rivian R1T look exciting in the pickup truck market, as does the Ford Lightning, an electric version of the F150.
However, at the Mercedes-Benz launch of the GLC in 2021, the range and performance numbers were somewhat disappointing, and I’m a huge Mercedes Formula 1 fan. I expected more from a brand that has led decades of innovation, safety, and performance. Most of the safety features we take for granted today come from Mercedes R&D.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution Is Here

Some other traditional manufacturers are still struggling with range and power showing just how far Tesla has innovated since open sourcing their technology.The key factors to consider when purchasing an EVTesla is pushing the technology forward at such a rate and has taken enough market share to force traditional vehicle manufacturers to get in the EV game. About time! So what are the key factors to consider when it comes to your home and purchasing an EV :

  1. Range and power: The Tesla Roadster is touting a 1000 kilometer range, and as soon as the other vehicles get there, it is game over for the range anxiety argument. As mentioned earlier, the electric motor won when Tesla himself was still alive.
  2. 3-Phase power for charging: While charging is becoming faster, having three-phase power at the property will mean you can charge your car more quickly than single-phase power at home or work, and having solar will minimise the costs further, saving you even more money.
  3. Battery life: If you do a lot of driving, it is essential to keep in mind that your car’s battery will have a lifespan just like any other, so taking care of it is crucial. Tesla’s software does a great job of this.
  4. Home batteries: A Model 3, as an example, has a 75kWh battery, a Tesla Powerwall is 13.5kWhs, meaning even if you have multiple batteries at home, you will most likely still be drawing power from the grid to charge your car if you drive a lot. If you’re topping up, like most people, your battery(s) could cover your charging needs.

Electric vehicles may not yet be suitable for all of us. Still, they have become a viable option for the majority, and the number of electric cars sold will soon outnumber the old gas guzzlers putting more strain on our electrical grid. Larger solar systems are the new normal.If you’re looking at solar and getting an EV down the track going for the more extensive system would be worth considering.
The original, now old, small solar systems cost a fortune and didn’t even cover a power bill. The high feed-in tariff that they came with was their only saving grace.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution Is Here

Most of these older solar panels were Monocrystalline, many of which have outlasted their polycrystalline counterparts that came later. So another reason why we love LONGi is that they developed and continued to develop the mono technology as others went to poly, and now they’re all coming back.
A 13kW solar array can handle, in most cases, a $1000 power bill at home and is the largest-sized system that you can have on single-phase power.These are becoming the norm, roof space depending, as families look to the future with an electric car or two in mind.
Indeed, suppose you are building a new home. In that case, you will want to consider the roof’s ability to hold a decent amount of solar production and the orientation to the sun along with 3-Phase power to enable fast charging.

A single roof pitch facing northeast and northwest would give you the best production capabilities.
Architects and designers should consider this because we have seen the architectural roofs on substantial homes that haven’t accounted for the home’s energy consumption, let alone the ability to produce power locally while further insulating the roof.

It’s the 21st century, and the EV revolution is here now. Enjoy!

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