Tesla Wall Charger Installation

Have your Tesla Wall Charger installation completed professionally by one of our Master Electricians. 

At Greenleaf Carbon™ we are closest petrol heads and yet also huge Tesla fans as we now have a 2022 Model 3 Long Range in our fleet of vehicles. 

We made the investment because our clients were asking about the benefits of solar with an electric vehicle (EV) so we decided to test it out.

With 13.32kW of solar on our single phase family home and the new Model 3 we are quickly discovering the true benefits and savings of the Solar and EV combination, and the savings can be substantial. 

Having covered 9789kms in 6 weeks for a total cost of just $267.70 including super charging in Brisbane & Toowoomba we can now share the benefits of Tesla ownership but first let’s look at the charging options.

1. Which Charger To Choose?

Tesla Gen 3 Wall Charger

Everything Tesla is a seamless experience.

The Tesla Gen 3 Wall Charger allows you to charge much faster than using a standard plug because you are running off a dedicated circuit, when set up correctly, meaning you can charge up to 8kWs per hour on single phase power and even faster if your home is 3 Phase.

The Gen 3 Wall Charger is only $80 more than the Gen 2 and supports both single and 3 Phase properties.

2. Ordering Your Tesla Wall Connector

Ordering your Tesla Wall Connector is easy and you can do so directly through their website.

Order Your Wall Charger Direct from Tesla Here >

It is highly recommended to order and have your wall charger installed before you take delivery of your vehicle. 

When you order online Tesla will deliver the Wall Connector directly to your home ready for you to get it installed by a qualified electrician.

Tesla Wall Connector - made on earth by humans

3. Book Your Wall Charger Installation

Tesla Wall Charger Installation

Booking your wall charger installation is easy. 

Having ordered your wall connector and knowing your estimated delivery time simply book in a time a few days later to have your charger installed.

Book Your Wall Charger Installation Here >

Choose a date and time that works for you and pay for your installation through our secure booking form.

$1100 including GST for a Master Electrician Install.

4. Charging at Home

The convenience and time saved by charging at home cannot be underestimated.

Each night you get home you simply plug in and top up the car meaning you always have a “full” tank every time you leave the home.

Typically you will be charging to 90% unless you plan on doing a road trip and in which case you can easily update the charge limit to 100% on your app.

Tesla Gen 3 Wall Charging at Home

5. EV Charging & Demand Charges

EV Charging & Demand Charges

Your energy retailer will most likely have demand charges at certain times of the day. This is typically in alignment with peak electricity demand early in the morning and from 4pm to 9pm.

On your Tesla app you have the ability to set the charger start time enabling you to keep your demand charges lower.

Because we have solar at home and sell the excess into the grid we are essentially charging at home for only 10 cents per kW.

What that means is a “full tank” from empty in a long range only costs us $7.50.

Yes you read that right, $7 Dollars 50 Cents from empty to 100% charged.

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