Roof Restoration & Solar Installation

Roof Restoration & Solar Installation

If your tile roof is in need of repair it is best to restore it before installing solar because we can work in with your roof restoration company or even recommend one of our professional partners near you to get the best outcomes for your roof.

We can even package the roof restoration and your new solar into a single Green Energy $0 Deposit & 0% Interest Payment Plan.

1. Why Restore Your Roof Before Installing Solar

Tiles Kicked Back for Solar Install

When installing solar panels on a tile roof we have to “kick” the tiles back and grind the bottom of them in order to secure the feet for your solar system to your roof and ensure they fit properly.

Working in with your roof restoration company we will install the feet first enabling them to come and replace broken tiles and paint before we come back and install the rails for your solar panels without needing to disturb the newly painted roof tiles.

2. Warranties & Support

Professional roof restoration companies will paint some spare tiles for us so if we break any when installing we simply replace the broken tiles with perfectly colour matched tiles keeping your roof looking great.

We stand behind our installation and workmanship with a 25 year warranty meaning we fix anything that goes wrong in relation to your solar installation giving you and your roof restorer addition peace of mind.

Roof Restoration & Solar After

3. Remove Old Solar System Before Restoration

Roof Restoration Before - with old solar panels
Roof Restoration After - with new solar panles
Roof Resto After with new Solar

Roof restoration companies are not electricians so having someone who can safely decommission an old or cheap and potentially hazardous solar system is critical.

We can remove and upcycle/recycle the old solar system and install the feet for your new system making it a much smoother process for you and your restorer.

Roof Restoration Before
Roof Resotation After with new Solar Panels
Roof Restoration & Solar After

Get the job done the right way with our professional team of CEC Accredited Solar Installers and Master Electricians. 

We can work in with your existing restoration company, or if you don’t yet have one we would be happy to recommend one of our trusted partners in your area.

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