LG Solar Panels – Discontinued

LG has been voted one of Australia's most trusted solar panels the last 2 years an a row

LG Solar Panels – Discontinued
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LG NeON® Solar Panels built tough for Australian conditions

LG is one of the largest consumer brands providing solar panels to the Australian market.

With solar panels designed to maximise energy production in residential and commercial applications, LG’s NeON® solar panels can handle the Australian heat and UV to stand the test of time. 

LG stands behind their panels with an improved 25-year performance warranty supplied by LG Electronics Australia and New Zealand, including replacement labour and transport.

You also have our installation and support warranty over 25 years for additional peace of mind.

Undeniable quality

High-Performance Solar Panels

LG’s focus on quality is undeniable, lifting the bar again with their new NeON® H high-performance solar panels.

Ranked second only to SunPower for efficiency LG’s residential and commercial panels reach 21.7% and 22.3%, respectively.
It is worth stating that only six solar panel manufacturers have reached efficiencies above 21.5%.

High-performance and efficiency are one thing but making sure the panel will last and continue to produce in the harsh Australian environment are another. LG solar panels last better than most. The cheap brands don’t even come close. You get what you pay for in solar. 

Quality equipment and a quality solar installation don’t come cheap. Still, when you look at your return on investment over the 25 years, it is worth investing a little more for improved returns and reliability.

Benefits of choosing LG Energy

LONGi Solar Panels

Cheap solar fails to deliver

We’ve seen firsthand the number of cheap panels and inverters that get recycled or make it to landfills after a short life. Quality systems and installations are worth the investment and peace of mind. That is why we partner with brands like LG Energy.


Made for Australia's harshest envronments

For over a decade now, LG’s solar modules have been installed in some of the harshest environments in Australia, including the outback, Northern Territory, and mining sites. They are a battle-tested, proven, and trusted solar brand

LONGi Solar Panels

Sleep well, knowing your assets are protected

Unlike cheap brands that can have hotspots, brownouts, or even catch fire, LG solar panels have a track record of safety in hot conditions. Speak to any fireman, and they will tell you of cheap brands that are real fire and safety hazards.
At Greenleaf Carbon™, we stand behind you for the life of your system, that’s 25 years, and that is a long time, so we only use quality equipment and our trained staff to ensure your solar installation to code.

Solar Panel & Inverter Specs

370 W

Operating Temperature
-40ºC ~ +85ºC

1768 x 1042 x 40mm
(including frame)

Frame Type
Black anodized aluminum alloy

25-year product and performance warranty


IEC Compliant
IEC62116 IEC61727 IEC62109-1/-2

Inverter Power
5 / 8.2 / 10 / 15kW
97.5% efficiency

Inverter Dimensions
431 x 645 x 204 mm

Inverter Warranty
10 years

LG Solar Panels - Discontinued

Performance and monitoring

Monitor your solar panels performance 24/7 from anywhere in the world with Fronius Solar Web.
If something isn’t right let us know and we will send out one of our own service teams to get it fixed for you as quickly as possible to ensure your solar panels keep producing and saving you money.

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