Fronius Inverters

Fronius is an Austrian-made inverter with proven reliability and safety in Australia

Fronius Inverters
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Fronius inverters have a proven track record

Fronius is an Austrian-made inverter with proven reliability and safety in Australia’s hot conditions due to its focus on airflow and fans for cooling.

Fronius themselves is a family-owned business that started in welding equipment. Ask any welder about Fronius, and chances are they know the brand, and as an inverter works very similar to a welder, it was a logical product to add to their business.

Fronius is one of the most popular brands in Australia, but it doesn’t dominate the picture so much in other parts of the world. 

While they are ranked number 2 in Australia, Fronius has had supply issues and glitches with their software, things we haven’t seen with Sungrow. They are, however, rock-solid inverters.

Solar Inverters

Fronius Gen24 - innovative hybrid design holds promise

The new batch of Fronius hybrid-inverters has the heat sink on the front with a fan right in the middle, meaning the heat sink itself will shade the components while keeping the weather out.

More importantly, being a hybrid inverter, when integrated with storage, will give homes 24 hours of power, hence the name.

We look forward to seeing this design make its way through the Primo and Symo range that can AC couple to a Tesla battery.

Fronius System Benefits

A cooler inverter should last longer

With a giant heat sink, an active fan, and a larger cavity, the inverter, in theory, should operate at cooler temperatures for most of the year.

Our only concern is blowing 46-degree hot air into the inverter in the middle of an Australian summer. When it gets too hot here locally, the fans shut down, making it no different from a Sungrow who has a better-integrated all-in-one heat sink for this exact reason.

Fronius Solar.Web v Sungrow iSolarCloud

When it came to system monitoring, Fronius was at the forefront and certainly miles ahead of ABB or any other inverter manufacturer.
Sungrow’s update and a complete refresh of iSolarCloud last year have put it on par with Tesla’s App for information, reliability, and usability

Great for both commercial and residential solar installations

With inverters built to last in residential and commercial environments, Fronius continues to innovate. With the new GEN24 Hybrid inverters and the modular BYD Battery box, it’s an award-winning solution even if the battery box is a bit shall we say, boxy.

Performance and monitoring

Monitor your solar panels performance 24/7 from anywhere in the world with the worlds most popular solar app.
If something isn’t right let us know and we will send out one of our own service teams to get it fixed for you as quickly as possible to ensure your solar panels keep producing and saving you money.

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