Solar Battery & Storage

Solar batteries and storage are exceptionally popular for clients wanting grid backup and those purchasing a new all electric daily drive.

Solar Battery
Greenleaf Carbon™ - Solar & Electrical
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REC Solar Panels
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Tesla Powerwall

Tesla leads the industry in battery technology, design, and software integration creating some of the best-looking batteries with built-in cooling and an intelligent app that knows when best to sell power into the grid for maximum benefit.

Batteries are becoming more and more popular for those who want reliable power during a power outage or who are charging their electric cars at night.

Ensuring you have the right-sized solar system to cover your daytime usage and still fill up your battery is the key.

Any excess power produced can still be sold into the grid and make you money as well, so the general rule of thumb is that a more extensive system is always better.

Home Solar

Red Earth Energy Storage

Red Earth Energy builds excellent off-grid systems meaning they need to have a great understanding of solar battery storage, which made the transition to grid-tied storage pretty easy.

Red Earth has tested the various battery options available, and, just like Tesla has done with their cars, they have chosen the BYD battery and created their battery called the Troppo.

Redflow Sustainable Energy Storage

Redflow departs from the Lithium style batteries of its competitors, moving to a zinc-bromine solution that can scale to handle even the highest demands of industrial usage.

While most Lithium-based batteries have a 10-year warranty, Redflow offers 20 years. When it comes time to renew the battery, drain the solution and refill it with fresh zinc-bromine for another 20 years.

It’s a genius solution and industry-leading in terms of longevity. Lithium-Ion, it appears, could be best suited to transportation and zinc-bromine for home and commercial use. Time will tell

Solar Battery

Enphase Energy Storage

Enphase leads the field in microinverter technology with over one million installations and has taken the same level of professionalism into their battery combinations.



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