Off Grid Solar

Off-Grid Solar & Battery Systems are perfect for those not connected to the grid

Off Grid Solar
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Off Grid Solar & Battery

Off-Grid Solar and battery has come a long way from the days of low wattage solar panels that could barely power a home and lead-acid batteries.

Today’s off-grid solar systems are using sophisticated, quality equipment that can completely power your home reliably, and we build in days worth of battery storage to help when the rain sets in for a few days.

We use modern panels that still produce well in low-light, overcast days combined with auto-start generators to top up your battery when required.
If you are not connected to the grid and are looking for an excellent solution for your home, weekend getaway, or country escape, we can help.

Off Grid Solar
Off Grid Solar

Scalable Off-Grid Solutions

Off-grid systems from 3.3kWs of battery to custom 20-foot containers

We customise your off-grid solution to suit your energy requirements.

Power the bar fridge and charge your tools in the shed at home or your weekend getaway with the BlackMax.

Run the whole home with no grid connection with the HoneyBadger or DropBear. Or even power commercial equipment with the customisable BushPig container. We can scale the solution to meet your needs.

Benefits of going off grid


Off-grid can be cheaper than connecting to the grid

Does your grid provider want to charge you tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands to run a cable to your property? 

Then charge you ongoing for the privilege of being connected. 

You will find going off-grid a much cheaper and more viable option. 


Plug and play solutions that work in Australian conditions

Australian Made for Australian conditions Red Earth Energy Storage provides plug-and-play solutions. 

We install standard solar and battery combinations that get you up and running the same day.

Commercial Solar

Monitoring & support direct from the manufacturer

Unlike other businesses, Red Earth Energy Storage stands behind its equipment and has built it tough right here in Australia to handle the harsh outback conditions. In addition, you have direct monitoring and support from Red Earth on your storage for extra peace of mind. 

Performance and monitoring

Monitor your solar panels performance 24/7 from anywhere in the world with the worlds most popular solar app.
If something isn’t right let us know and we will send out one of our own service teams to get it fixed for you as quickly as possible to ensure your solar panels keep producing and saving you money.

Off Grid Solar



For most clients the solar system payments are the same or less than you are currently paying on your power bill each quarter…