LG Energy Exit the Solar Panel Market

LG Exits the solar panel market while the ACCC urge consumers to check their LG Chem battery for recall information and EV's with LG's batteries catch fire.

LG Energy is in a world of hurt having pulled out of the solar panel market altogether while having untold issues with their batteries.

First things first, if you have a LG Chem, SolaX Power or Opal Home Energy solar system and battery you need to check the ACCC listing immediately because your battery could be a serious fire hazard to your home, school or business.


We spoke with the team at Brisbane based RedBack who had a test bed of LG Chem batteries and they had moved away from using LG’s battery technology because of issues with swelling, fire hazards and for being unreliable.

If an LG Chem battery drains to far you need an LG tech to restart it, they literally have to take the bottom panel off to get at a reset switch. This happened far too often according to RedBack for it to be a viable solution for their systems so they went with a more reliable supplier.

For more information consumers can contact LG Energy Solution Australia (phone 1300 677 273 or email productau@lgensol.com) or SolaX Power for SolaX or Opal system batteries (email service@solaxpower.com or phone 1300 476 529).

Affected LG models include:
• RESU3.3
• RESU6.5
• RESU10
• RESU13
• RESU7H Type-R
• RESU10H Type-C
• RESU10H Type-R
• RESU10H Type-R (Secondary)
• S/A Gen2 1P (EM048063P3S4)
• S/A Gen2 2P (EM048126P3S7)
• S/A Gen2 1P (EM048063P3S5)


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1. LG Solar Panels are no more

LG Solar Panels

Let’s face it, power is expensive but so were LG’s solar panels!

They pushed hard right up until the end trying to get clients to purchase container loads of their panels but even the container rate wasn’t affordable for most Australian home owners looking to get quality solar.

Something went terribly wrong for such a well known brand to just pull out of the global solar panel market seemingly out of the blue.

Tonnes of companies offer 25 plus year performance warranties on their panels but can they really stand behind them, to us that is one of the most important things we look at.

2. Solar Battery Fires

Consumers need to be careful when choosing solar panels and batteries for their homes.

Some companies have very few issues while others are clearly still trying to work out the technology and we highly recommend staying away from LG batteries, which you’d expect to be a high quality brand, and definitely stay away from the cheap battery brands.

Home Battery Storage Fire

EV Battery Fires

LG Energy Exit the Solar Panel Market
Hyundai Kona LG Chem Battery Fire Burns Home
Bolt EV fire caused by LG Batteries

Jaguar I-Pace

Hyundai Kona

Chevy Bolt

So it turns out that even with all the high profile EV fires in the news you are 10,000% more likely to have a fire in an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle than your are an EV.

The old Ford Explorer had the nickname Exploder with many manufacturers still having issues with their old technology vehicles catching fire.

Sadly though, the Porsche Taycan, Jaguar I-Pace, Hyundai Kona and Chevy Bolt EV’s all have one thing in common, they’re using LG’s battery technology.

A large portion of legacy automotive brands bet on LG’s battery technology and yet we already knew they had issues with their home solar batteries, legacy auto should have known better, however, in the race to stay current they’ve tried to cut corners.

LG Energy Exit the Solar Panel Market

There is nothing left of this Porsche Taycan EV and LG have been ordered to pay GM over $1.9 Billion for the Bolt EV fires.

We expect better from these brands but it turns out that what Tesla have done in creating reliable safe EV’s and batteries isn’t as easy as the old school car manufactures would have thought.

Tesla, BYD and Ford appear to be the leaders in the EV race with Tesla being miles in front of anyone else.

Elon Musk famously said “the competition should need a telescope to see us” and that has become the truth not just in vehicles but in battery storage, battery management and technology.

A Tesla Powerwall is still, to this day, one of the only batteries available that have real active cooling, in Australia and other hot climates this matters to the health and longevity of your battery. You can see from this teardown video of a 2015 battery, now already 7 year old technology at the time of writing, the battery itself is exceptionally well made and comes complete with coolant lines. Well done Tesla, and yes we are fans of their technology.

Using quality equipment and ensuring the installation is completed by our staff, no contractors, is paramount to us being able to stand behind your solar system and support it over its life.

Using quality manufactures ensures we are minimising the risks to our clients and being in the industry we see first hand what brands and equipment we can trust.

Saving money and becoming energy independent is the goal, protecting your family, home and business in the process is paramount.

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