At Greenleaf Carbon™ we believe in caring for people, our clients, staff and suppliers.

With this in mind, should you have any issues at all, we ask that you reach out to us directly on 1300 677 688.

If you are a client, please email

Using service@ ensures a timely response for clients.

We automatically create a ticket in our system that alerts the relevant people, and your ticket does not get closed until we resolve the issue for you.

We will always do the best we can. However, please understand that we are a fast-growing business, and while we do our best to train staff well and put in place systems and processes to get you the best outcome, we are still human and may make a mistake.

If we make a mistake, you have our promise that we will get it fixed for you promptly.

Where we cannot reach an agreement, we choose to use Mutally Binding Arbitration to keep it fair and save us all time and money.

Mutually Binding Arbitration stops the lawyers from getting rich off of us and keeps them honest. Litigation is no fun for anyone, hence why we prefer to work with you to get a satisfactory outcome for all parties.

How Mutually Binding Arbitration Works:

If both parties cannot reach a satisfactory outcome and mutually binding arbitration is enacted, your lawyer and our lawyer pick a lawyer and whatever that one says goes.

Greenleaf Carbon™ reserves the right to use Mutually Binding Arbitration to settle any dispute that arises whether in the contract or not.