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Join hundreds of families making the switch to solar power for their homes, investment properties and holiday houses in Cornubia, Brisbane.

Cornubia is a beautiful leafy suburb so solar is not suitable for every home.

Some companies will sell you a solar system when it won’t work for you, best to speak to the experts and get an honest assessment.

Which Solar System is right for you?

Professional company to deal with from getting a quote to installation. Installers arrived on time and were friendly and happy to answer any questions. Workmanship was neat and tidy. Highly recommend this company.

Deans Family, Cornubia

Discover why so many Australians have installed solar saving them tens of thousands in power costs over the 25 year life of their solar system.

Custom Solar Solution

We look at your power bill and roof to design the right solar system for your home or business

Grid Connect & Install

We take care of everything from grid connection to installation and if we make a mistake we will fix it.


System Monitoring & Support

Monitor your system 24/7 from the app. If you need us we are there in a click or a call.

Solar power Cornubia

Looking for one of the best solar power companies in Cornubia?

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For most clients the solar system payments are the same or less than you are currently paying on your power bill each quarter…

Switch your home to solar

Power Bill Before Solar: $
Power Bill With Solar: $
Estimated Lifetime Savings: $89,728

TPower Bill Before Solar: $481.03

Power Bill With Solar: $TBC
Est. Lifetime Savings: $75,157.55

CO2 Savings: 14.1 Tonnes

The Deans family in Logan’s leafy suburb of Cornubia use 24.53 kilowatts (kW) of power, on average, per day.

Referred by their daughter to help save them money on rising power costs, we’ve designed a shade optimised 10.36kW solar system to get rid of that $481 power bill and put them in credit.

When you are in credit with your energy provider, you can get that money deposited back into your bank account. Many homeowners are still not aware of this fact. Switching your home to solar can pay you cash.

We look forward to seeing the first full quarter on solar from the Deans family because there should be a pleasant surprise there for them.

It is always nice to go from paying a bill to making some money right.