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Join hundreds of Jones Hill families and individuals making the switch to solar power for their homes.

Jones Hill is a beautiful and sunny rural/residential town in Gympie Region, Queensland, located approximately 142kms from Brisbane.

Our professional team know how to design systems to maximise available sunlight in order to get the most out of our solar power systems in Jones Hill

Which Solar System is right for you?

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Michelle Howells, Forest Lake

Discover why so many Australians have installed solar saving them tens of thousands in power costs over the 25 year life of their solar system.

Custom Solar Solution

We look at your power bill and roof to design the right solar system for your home or business

Grid Connect & Install

We take care of everything from grid connection to installation and if we make a mistake we will fix it.


System Monitoring & Support

Monitor your system 24/7 from the app. If you need us we are there in a click or a call.

Solar power Jones Hill

Looking for one of the best solar power companies in Jones Hill?

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For most clients the solar system payments are the same or less than you are currently paying on your power bill each quarter…

Switch your home to solar

Power Bill Before Solar: $ New Build
Power Bill With Solar: $TBC
Estimated Lifetime Savings: $73,409.98

COSavings 13.5 tonnes 

The McManus’

Moving into their newly built home the McManus’ knew that they wanted Solar to knock out their power bill straight away.

In the very sunny Jones Hill  there was no doubt that Solar was a brilliant addition to their beautiful new home. 

Our team installed a beautiful 10.36kW Solar System to ensure they make the most out of their solar!

Looking for a quality Solar Installer in Jones Hill? Try us!