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Join thousands of Gold Coast families making the switch to solar power for their homes, investment properties and holiday houses.

The Gold Coast has one of the best climates in the world for solar producing benefits and savings year round.

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Outstanding service. The team at Greenleaf Carbon™ made the process simple. Everyone from back of house to the installers were great. You can tell the guys take pride in their work and we couldn't be happier with the savings we have had as a result.

Wright Family, Robina

Discover why so many Australians have installed solar saving them tens of thousands in power costs over the 25 year life of their solar system.

Custom Solar Solution

We look at your power bill and roof to design the right solar system for your home or business

Grid Connect & Install

We take care of everything from grid connection to installation and if we make a mistake we will fix it.


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Monitor your system 24/7 from the app. If you need us we are there in a click or a call.

Solar power Gold Coast

Looking for one of the best solar power companies on the Gold Coast?

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For most clients the solar system payments are the same or less than you are currently paying on your power bill each quarter…

The Wright family in Robina switch their home to solar

Power Bill Before Solar: $723.20
New Power Bill With Solar: $5.03     Est. Lifetime Savings: $93,443,87

CO2 Savings: 14.4 Tonnes

The Wright family in Gold Coast’s Robina use around 37.99 kilowatts (kW) of power per day.

With beautiful surrounding trees causing some shading issues, a multi-faceted roof space, and an old inherited system that wasn’t performing, we designed a solar system to deliver the Wright family the most significant return on investment we could.

Running the ducted air conditioner and pool pumps are no longer an issue, and the annual power bill has gone from around $2952 per year to about $20 per year, saving the Wright family $2932 per year in power costs.

As you can see switching to solar pays for itself.

With the cost of living getting more and more expensive every year, putting that kind of money back into the family budget each year does make a difference.

The Kertesz family in Palm Beach make the switch to solar

Power Bill Before Solar: $747.04
Power Bill With Solar: $TBC
Est. Lifetime Savings: $81,804.45

CO2 Savings: 12.4 Tonnes

A referral from the Wright family, the Kertesz family in Gold Coast’s Palm Beach used 35.36 kilowatts (kW) of power on average per day.

Renovating a gorgeous home on the water, our team wanted to ensure we got the job done right, as they always do.

An existing solar system less than five years old and not installed to code had only one screw holding down the whole bottom row of panels. 

Sadly, one of the many shortcuts cheap companies take.

With such a large power bill, aircon and a pool pump, we maximised their available roof space to upgrade to a 12.21kW single phase solar system with two 5kW inverters.

Now they can enjoy their pool and Palm Beach all summer long without the bill shock because they’ve made the switch to solar.

Being in property himself, Mr Kertesz knows the power bill savings will help him pay his family’s home off faster and win-win all round.

We are looking forward to seeing the savings from their first full quarter on solar because we’ve seen the numbers on their monitoring, and their system is pumping.

Solar Installers Gold Coast, Upper Coomera

The Howard family in Upper Coomera are Tesla ready

The Howard family have installed a 6.6kW single phase system, which catches the morning sun perfectly, and complements the old hot water solar system.

Looking to the future we have installed the inverter in the garage where a Tesla wall charger and possible Powerwall will go.

We have left enough room on the roof to be able to expand the system if required to a full 13.32 kW, the maximum allowed on the Energex grid for single phase homes.

Labrador investment property

When getting your home done why not include your investment properties at the same time.

That’s exactly what the Howard family have done increasing the cashflow they make from their investment property in Labrador.

Investing after all is about increasing your cashflow and return on investment so why not add a quality solar system, charge the tenant a little extra and make even more on what gets sold into the grid.

Solar Installers in Pimpama, Gold Coast

Bailey family in Pimpama get ready for their new Model 3

With a new Tesla Model 3, Long-Range on the way and power bills of $683 per quarter, the Bailey family in Pimpama have gone with our recommendation of a 13.32kW solar system to knock out the power bill and offset the cost of charging.

Being able to sell up to 5kW per hour into the grid on single phase power will enable the Bailey family to make addition money during the day.

This will then go to offset the buying back of some power at night and the daily supply charge.