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Greenleaf Carbon™ - Solar & Electrical
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Switch Your Home To Solar Power Today!

Join the thousands of families in Sinnamon Park making the switch to solar power for their homes today.

Sinnamon Park is a leafy, well established suburb in Brisbane City just off the Centenary Highway and across the river from Fig Tree Pocket.

Which Solar System is right for you?

"I researched about 10 different companies and Greenleaf Carbon™ most impressed me"

Tara, Sinnamon Park

Discover why so many Australians have installed solar saving them tens of thousands in power costs over the 25 year life of their solar system.

Custom Solar Solution

We look at your power bill and roof to design the right solar system for your home or business

Grid Connect & Install

We take care of everything from grid connection to installation and if we make a mistake we will fix it.


System Monitoring & Support

Monitor your system 24/7 from the app. If you need us we are there in a click or a call.

Solar power Sinnamon Park

Looking for one of the best solar power companies in Sinnamon Park?

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For most clients the solar system payments are the same or less than you are currently paying on your power bill each quarter…

The Moffatt Family

Power Bill Before Solar: $
Power Bill With Solar: $
Est. Lifetime Savings: $103,648.96

CO2 Savings: 16.4 tonnes CO2

As an executive for Shell Oil and being amongst the conversation of solar and EV Charging at stations making the switch to solar for their family home became the topic of conversation. 
Extensive research and 10 companies later we are proud to say the Moffatt family chose Greenleaf Carbon™ as their solar panel installer and are already reaping the benefits. 
Shading and other factors considered the team came up with a design that would work exceptionally well in summer and optimised for the shade.

We can see the family is already seeing the benefits. 

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