Commercial Solar. Now is the time!

Commercial Solar Solutions; Now is the time for your business to get solar as the AER flags a 13.5% increase in energy costs

The Australian Energy Regulator is showing huge increase in the wholesale cost of energy since 2021 with NSW & QLD seeing 41.1% and 49.5% increases respectively.

Small businesses will see an increase in their electricity costs from the 1st of July 2022 with outages and higher gas and coal prices being cited as the main contributing factors.

Let’s face it, inflation is hitting all areas of the market place so getting solar installed now before the cost of solar goes up again will save you a fortune not just in energy costs.

Whether you own or lease the building, now is the time to get solar installed.

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1. Benefits of Installing Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Installation Brisbane Queensland

Let’s face it, power is expensive!

Installing solar remains one of the highest return on investment things a business or family can do in todays world of tiny interest rates and rising energy costs.

As a business you can take one of your largest expenses and potentially even turn that from a cost centre to an income producing part of the company.

Designing the right solar system to meet your business requirements is as easy as booking a time for a free energy audit so we can understand your requirements and design a solution that works for you.

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2. Commercial Solar Finance

Commercial Solar Finance

Wether you own or lease the premise you can install solar and design the payments to suit your business.

Whether you wish to pay for the entire system upfront or use a payment plan to work in with cashflow both CAPEX & OPEX options are available.

You can lease the system for a designated period and with two additional monthly payments at the end of the lease own the system outright.

3. Commercial Solar Inverters

Sungrow Commercial Solar Inverter

Quality commercial inverters complete with online monitoring, support and alerts.

Just like our residential clients you can see exactly what your system is producing in real time and if a fault code is triggered it alerts our support team to ensure a timely response to ensure you system is producing at it’s best over it life.

We have access to every single inverter in the marketplace and unless they are proven to perform and have an office in Australia we will not install them for our clients.

With years of experience and supporting client we know exactly what commercial inverters to choose for your unique circumstances.

Whether it be Sungrow, Fronius or another proven brand of your choosing we can design a system that will get your business the best return on investment.

Sungrow Commercial Solar Installation

Using quality equipment and ensuring the installation is completed by our staff, no contractors, is paramount to us being able to stand behind your commercial solar system and support it over its life.

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